Self Referral For Local Services

Most referrals to other specialists will require you seeing or speaking with a GP, however, there are a number of services that you are able to make self-referrals to.


NHS referral support service

If your doctor has referred you to a specialist, this will be processed by the Referral Support Service. You will receive a letter giving details of your appointment and any passwords you may need.

For any queries regarding your e-referral, please ring 01372 232500. You will need the following details:

  • Your date of birth
  • Reference number – this will be on the first page of your letter
  • Password – this will be on the second page of your letter

To track an e-Referral, click here and ensure you have the above information.

For any other queries, please ring the surgery on 01784432191 and select option 3.